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Founder's Statement

My name is Najja E. Brown. I accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in my latter twenties. Little did I know the journey ahead would be challenging, earth-shaking, and rewarding. Scripture says to walk by faith and not by sight, and right now I am on one of the biggest faith journeys ever.

The Lord asked me to start a ministry in the greater Seattle, Washington metropolitan area, and the rural communities. He called me out of full­-time employment to do kingdom building! Of course I accepted with gladness and yielded to His calling, hence the reason and purpose for Yield to the King Ministry.

Over the past 40 years, I have served as a lay­ chaplain in hospital and prison ministry, and have always served in my home congregation in various capacities such as, director of women's ministries, deaconess, bible study teacher, women's leadership teacher, women's leadership trainer, and retreat and conference planner and speaker. My passion for kingdom building is not and has not been contained within four walls or a designated church building. I have always embraced the Christian community at­-large and abroad. Church by the Side of the Road in Tukwila, Washington, is my church home and place of worship.

I am on a faith journey ready and fully equipped to use all of life’s preparation, including my set­backs and advances, victories and failures, education, training and experiences. More importantly and better yet, I am committed to relying on the Holy Spirit for His prompting, guidance, and direction to fulfill the God­-given purpose of Yield to the King Ministry.